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Community Vitality is Cheryl's #1 Priority!

As constituents, we expect our mayor to be practical, open minded and collaborative.  It's important to elect people with strong leadership skills, a solid sense of community and a record of achievement.

Over the last 24 years in Olympia I’ve worked for a robust public safety system, volunteered for non-profit organizations, raised a family, owned a downtown business, supported strong schools and strived to improve economic vitality for all.

As your current mayor, I’ve made public safety a top priority, understood the need for economic vitality, helped to address our homelessness crisis while balancing our limited resources.

I'll continue to seek ways to make our city environmentally resilient while using my previous experience as a city employee, community volunteer and small business owner to build partnerships for the betterment of our city.

I am energized and committed to serve again as Mayor for Olympia. 

Thank you for your vote and continued support.



Committee to Elect Cheryl Selby
120 State Ave NE #211
Olympia, WA 98501
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