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Supporting pragmatic and collaborative solutions to Olympia’s homelessness crisis


Olympia declared a state of emergency with respect to the homeless crisis in July of 2018.

Our homeless community urgently needs access to permanent supportive housing.

The city council has taken steps to address this crisis by:

  • Hiring a new Homeless Response Coordinator
  • Forming a pilot partnership with groups within the faith community to offer temporary housing
  • Adopting a new housing ordinance allowing more organizations to offer emergency housing
  • Increasing funding to certain shelters so they may offer their services 24/7
  • Providing land and funding for a new Plum street tiny house village
  • Managing a temporary emergency “mitigation site”

While we have made progress, this is not enough.


 We must continue to expand and perfect these programs while continuing to develop an understanding of homelessness prevention and response best practices.  

Elected officials, interest groups and businesses need to work together to find creative solutions to this emergency.


As your mayor, I have committed, and pledge to commit myself, to these values, and will not be satisfied until every member of our community has access to adequate housing.


Here is a link my Facebook post on homelessness in Olympia.

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